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Shade Colours & Specifications

Shade ‘N Net offer a variety of options to suit any outdoor Australian shade structure application. Listed below are our most commonly used materials and finishes. If you are after information on a product that is not listed below, please contact us and we will forward through any information you require.

Commercial 95 Heavy Duty Shade Cloth

Commercial 95 is a high quality, heavy duty knitted shade cloth specifically developed as a very strong and stable outdoor fabric for use in tension structures and shade sails. Commercial 95 offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure a maintenance free long life performance.

Commercial 95 SpecificationsCommercial 95 Colour Range

Rainbow Shade, Shade Cloth

The Rainbow Shade Series is a knitted fabric made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) containing Ultra-Violet stabilising additive and anti-fade colour concentrates. This fabric has been tried and tested for over 13 years.

Z16 Web Swatch | Z16 Extreme Rainbow Owners Manual | DRiZ Colour Range | DRiZ Rainbow Owners Manual

Ferrari Vinyl

Ferrari Vinyl uses the Precontraint Ferrari technology that gives it outstanding mechanical strength and exceptional weightlessness. This vinyl is also very intelligent –the high tenacity polyester yarn actually prevents accidental tears worsening.

Ferrari 502 Colour Range | Ferrari 802s Colours and Specifications

For a full range of Ferrari vinyl specifications, please visit the Innova International Website.


Shade ‘n Net offer the option to have your shade structure Powdercoated, To give your shade structure a first class finish. With many colours available including colours to match any colourbond structure, you will be sure to find a colour that suits your individual application.

Dulux Powder Coating Colours


Monotec 370 Series shadecloth is resistant to UV rays and is supported by the industry’s only 15 year warranty. The sturdy fabric construction of round monofilament yarns will not stretch over time assuring the integrity of your structure’s stability for many years to come.

Monotec 370FR Brochure | Monotec 370 Specs | Monotec 370 colours and shade percentages | Monotec 370FR